Instructions for updating the league file in TRHL

1. Restore the master DB:
   A. Use an ftp program to ftp to with username u35698910trhl-drone and file drone 
   password you should know.  Go into 2008 folder.
   B. Download the most recent master DB (has "backup" in filename) from the 2008 folder.
   C. Use File / Restore to restore from the master DB.

2. Download all files from the current Series XX Folder on the TRHL message board.

3. Import all files:
   A. Import all MPs first.
   B. Then import series results.

4. For each series not simmed, do the following:

   A. Check starting rotation for each team.
   B. Check active roster for injuries that need to be addressed.
   C. Sim the games one at a time. Check for injuries after each game and if injury is greater or equal to 15 
      days, DL the player and replace him with logical call-up.  This is especially important for catchers and 
      relievers or perhaps a position in which the team doesn't have any alternatives on the active roster 
      (what the hell were they thinking, anyway?).
   D. Add the series to the list of results not submitted.

5. Check for SP abuse by looking at each MP's pitching section and seeing if any SP started on short rest, 
   especially for visiting team owners.  If so, e-mail owners involved and Greg Tamer.

6. Check for overuse:
   A. Run Report -> Standard -> Team Roster -> Team Status
   B. Identify all players who are overused:
      * Overall PA >= 110
      * PA v stronger split >= 150
      * Overall BF >= 110 
   C. Mark all such players as overused:
      1. Go to Organizer / Players
      2. Select the player
      3. Right click, then select Modify Player / General Info
      4. Append '- X' to Short Name
   D. Farm all overused players and promote replacements as appropriate.

7. Check for injuries:
   A. Under View / Injuries, find all injuries occurring in past 3 days.
   B. List all injuries of > 3 games' duration.

8 Update the Web Site

   A. Go to the File Drone Page
   B. Enter the new series number and the deadline
   C. Click on "Update Series Info"
   D. If there any tie bids for free agents, enter the ranking of the tied teams (the team with the worst 
      record gets preference)
   E. If you have any trouble getting past D., e-mail Greg Tamer.

9 Update the DMB File

   A. Go to The Trades page on the web site and enter any trades in DMB league file.
   B. Go to The Released Players page on the web site and enter the releases in DMB league file.
   C. Go to The Free Agent Claims page on the web site and enter the claims in DMB league file 
      (you should farm these players).

10. Check rosters:
   A. No ineligible players active.
   B. No more or less than 25 active players (if prior to September 1).

11. Check for permanent farmings:
   A. Run Report -> Standard -> Transaction log -> DMB transaction log
   B. Note all players that have been farmed three teams since the start of the season.
   C. If any player has been farmed three times, append ' -X' to Short Name (see 6C above).

12. Generate the master league file for the file drones using File / Backup.  Copy file naming system in 
    2008 folder on

13. Generate series league file for all owners using Transfer -> Export League Database.
   A. Select "Include Game-by-Game Statistics" and "Include New Box Scores"
   B. Copy file naming system in 2008 folder on

14. Upload via ftp both master league file and series league file to the 2008 folder on

15. Update website's league file link using the "Set League File URL" link in the table of contents under 
    File Drone Stuff.

16. Send out email to all owners, including:
   A. New league file link.
   B. Deadline for next series.
   C. All results not submitted.
   D. All players farmed for overuse.
   E. All injuries of > 3 days.

17. Create a new thread within message board for new series files to be posted.

18. The End! 

19. Subtracting games already played:

From the DMB forums/help/whatever
Sometimes it may be necessary for a gamer to back out the results of a completed game. This can happen 
due to starting the wrong pitcher, autoplaying a game you shouldn't have, forgetting to reset fatigue, 
etc. You can back out the stats from a game if you're automatically saving game accounts. Internet 
leagues where managers send in their results to their commissioner automatically save their game 
accounts but solitaire gamers can use it too. To see if your league or organization is already doing 
this or to enable the function, go to the View menu and choose Organizer. Click on the Leagues or Orgs 
tab, whichever is appropriate. Modify your league or organization. Click on the Rules/Options tab. On 
the bottom-right of the page is a check box for saving game accounts. If it's checked, you can back out 

To back out a game(s), go to the Transfer menu and choose Export Statistics. Deselect all the teams on 
the Manager Profile page and click on Next. On the Game Accounts page, select the game(s) and click on 
Next. Deselect all transactions on the Transactions page and click on Finish. On the Save As window, 
second line from the bottom, enter a meaningful File Name like RemoveGame and click on the Save button. 
Now go back to the Transfer menu and choose Import Statistics. The Open window is initially set to your 
league's Import folder. Go up one level to your league's database folder and then open the Export folder. 
You'll then see the export stats file you just created. Open that file. Nothing should be showing on the 
Manager Profile page. Click on the Next button. No games will be showing on the Game Accounts page. That's 
because the game(s) you exported has already been processed. We want to remove its results so click on the 
Logged Games (Subtract) button. You should now see that game(s). Make sure it's selected and click on Next. 
No transactions should be listed, click on the Finish button. That will back out that game(s) so you can 
play it again.

If you've issued the Export League Database command from the Transfer menu, something only a league 
commissioner should do, you'll have to change one of the steps when exporting game stats. When you get 
to the Game Accounts page, no games will be listed. Click on the Logged Games button and that will show 
all the games that have been played. Now select the games you want to back out and continue with the steps